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About Brain Gym® / Edu-K

Brain Gym® is a learning enhancement system that consists of a set of simple movement based activities. Brain Gym® movements stimulate the brain for effective brain function. The result is the co-ordination of the brain and body for effortless learning and higher levels of performance.

Learning by repetition and memorization, the common methods of study in exam preparation and exam coaching, without efficient brain activation, can entail for many students, mind blanks during exams, extreme stress and long hours of study. Learning can also be experienced as a meaningless ordeal. Partial and uncoodinated brain activation account for the learning problems encountered by many students performing at below their brain potential. Difficulties can range from reading and writing problems, fine motor coordination problems, weakness in maths and loss of motivation to study. Poor test and exam results further stress and lower self-esteem in students. Brain Gym® movements, by activating the whole brain, draw out normally unavailable or blocked brain potential.

Brain Gym® enables uninterrupted flow of communication in the Brain-Body System. This engages students with their study easily. Reading, writing and comprehension come readily. Learning becomes an enjoyable and fulfilling activity. Brain Gym® is an excellent program for exam preparation and can help to accelerate learning for students in need of exam coaching. Students can easily improve their test and exam results by using Brain Gym® regularly as a study skill before doing their homework. Students start enjoying their easy success and become highly motivated to excel.

Educational Kinesiology or Edu-K, for short, (learning through movements) is a comprehensive application of a wide range of movement-based programs. Edu-K balance sessions are offered as private consultations. ADD / AD/HD / ADHD and Dyslexia related learning disabilities will require to be addressed in the context of one-to-one private session. The Edu-K sessions are goal based and experiential. Edu-K work focusses on achieving the physical( sensory and motor), mental and emotional integration of the whole person. Brain Gym® is a part of the Edu-K body of work. A Brain Gym® program is an individualized program of Brain Gym® movements, that specifically target the needs of the individual, to be practiced for a period of time, following the Edu-K private consultation session.

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What are the benefits of Edu-K balances?

Professional Edu-K application is an in-depth work that includes evaluations in several dimensions to effect change and wholesome function at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and energetic. Edu-K sessions enable people to dissolve dysfunctional habits and patterns easily. Edu-K is excellent for shifting stress and anxiety, achieving health, life-style, personal development and career goals within a short period of time. Edu-K work facilitates access to each person’s innate talents, their unique strengths and the immense untapped brain potential. After Edu-K sessions people generally experience clarity of mind, a sense of purpose and feel revitalized. They go on to having an energized attitude to live and work powerfully.


  • Open up access to brain potential
  • Achieve consistent and good academic results
  • Enjoy high self-esteem
  • Increase concentration
  • Remember and recall easily
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Exam Preparation. Better exam and test results
  • Speak, write and think clearly and expressively
  • Boost all performance levels: sport, music, computing etc.
  • Live and work from a space of well-being and confidence
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Brain Gym® Solutions

Anyone experiencing the following types of difficulties can seek assistance with Edu-K and Brain Gym® Programs. These difficulties are symptomatic of breaks in the flow of information through the communication systems of the Brain-Body. With the help of the Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) process, new resources can be activated in the Brain-Body system to overcome these difficulties. These challenges can be experienced at any age.

  • Difficulty in organizing thinking
  • Difficulty in expressing thoughts
  • Inability to start a new task
  • Inability to maintain interest and focus to complete task
  • Poor coordination, posture and balance
  • General restlessness/ inability to sit still
  • Behaviour problems
  • Poor social skills
  • Forgetting what has just been heard or learned
  • Losing place while reading
  • Reading repeatedly to comprehend meaning
  • Absent-minded/ Inattentiveness/ Confusion
  • Writing Difficulty
  • Head bent to one side for reading and writing
  • Poor time management and organizational skills
  • Autistic/ Asperger’s Syndrome behaviour
  • Weakness in maths
  • Stroke impaired
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Advantages of Brain Gym®

  • Can be easily done by children or adults, from the very young to seniors
  • Results can be obtained within a short period of time
  • No appliances involved
  • Can be done anywhere, anytime
  • Multiple Applications: Learning, Business, Sport, Teaching, Health, Personal Development, Spiritual
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